An Open Letter From The President…

We’re excited about the future! We enter the New Year with new customers around the world, new business collaborations and a growing team of dedicated professionals working diligently in key areas to make our company more valuable to our customers in all segments.

As CEOs do, I look into the future to make sure we are working towards our mission: to help people access, understand and benefit from the solutions we recommend for the electrical measurement of mechanical quantities - and that we are committed to our vision of responsiveness, knowledge, and capabilities. Each of these elements enhances our ability to offer a broader range of relevant, real-world solutions that help make the world a better place for all. As we move to the future, I will continue to be focused on Sentran, LLC initiatives that fulfill our mission and vision.

Our focus on development will grow as we expand our design and manufacturing capabilities, partner with new strategic manufacturing partners, expand sales channels and discover new market opportunities. We will collaborate with new partners to enable us to offer unique product capabilities, more favorable commercial agreements, and a broader range of premium instrumentation ranging from stand alone measurements to wireless networked systems. Supported by direct and indirect sales associates, we will continue to promptly serve customers and prospective customers while addressing opportunities to create sustaining relationships. This is an important part of why Sentran was created – to make certain we are able to empower ourselves and empower others by offering truly premium measurement solutions at honest, competitive prices.

The market for sensors and related technologies is expanding at a phenomenal rate. According to RESEARCH AND MARKETS, the global market for sensors was set to reach $113.2 billion in 2016 and an astounding $190.6 billion by 2021, a CAGR of 11.0% for the period 2016-2021. With this growth, the importance of technical information and access to professional expertise is critical. Sentran provides today’s leading engineers and innovators the ideal environment to find the measurement solutions needed to address present challenges, while exploring the sensing technologies that are driving tomorrow's solutions.

I'm excited about Sentran’s momentum as an evolving and sustaining resource for professionals in the industrial and scientific realms to find timely solutions to measurement challenges. As we approach our third decade of service, our awareness of the value of our mission of exceeding customer expectations in everything we do has never been more pronounced; be it technological, commercial, customer support, social conscientiousness or environmental concerns.

I wish you the best for the year ahead.

Ken Kramer