INSTANT ANSWERS. IMMEDIATE EXPERT ACCESS It’s a fast-paced world. With multiple responsi- bilities and innumerable tasks to complete, you need solid answers… and you need them quickly. At times, it comes down to having an experien- tial understanding of an application question or a technical challenge, then providing thoughtful communication to determine the best solution. That’s what our team of technical sales experts, applications engineers and designers bring to the table. They will use every tool available to deliver exactly what you need. Instant Answers isn’t just a tagline at Sentran. It’s a passionate commitment. IN-STOCK AVAILABILITY When you need it, you need it now. That’s why Sentran maintains an inventory of thousands of standard products and components on hand for immediate or abbreviated lead-time shipments. When it comes to non-standard and custom- engineered solutions, we’ve earned a reputation for responding with the shortest lead-times in the industry. Whether it’s a non-standard cable length, a special calibration requirement or development of a prototype, Sentran can be counted on to deliver the expected result and to deliver it on time. SHARED TECHNICAL TOOLS Sentran has developed a comprehensive and ever-expanding technical library that we are delighted to share with you via our website. These resources are designed to enlighten readers about our technologies, our core competencies and the practical attributes associated with the application of Sentran products in the real world. Here you will find downloadable data sheets, product specifica- tions, color codes, product and industry application examples, technical bulletins, worksheets, certified drawings, STEP-files, trade certifications and more useful information. To compliment this resource, our technical support group is available to supply more in depth technical support at your request. WWW.SENTRANLLC.COM 3