CREATIVE DESIGN Creativity is the hallmark of our design process and that requires Sentran to leverage the most technologically advanced programs and facilities to allow us to create compelling solutions in the shortest amount of time. With the advantage of our multiple work centers, Sentran is proficient at providing standard and customized solutions rang- ing from single piece requirements up to O.E.M. volumes in the tens of thousands. LONG TERM RELIABILITY Technological superiority is a leading factor in setting us apart from others. Exceptional reliabil- ity requires extra effort. We deliver by addressing the critical influence factors that can abbreviate product life. Be it manufacturing methods, perfor- mance testing, temperature, environment, elec- trical interference or any other concerns, our low failure rate is a testament to our science. COST-EFFECTIVENESS Value is defined as relative worth, merit, or impor- tance. When considering the cost-effectiveness of a solution, we do so with respect to the worth, excellence, usefulness, and importance of the solution. Sentran’s charter has always been premi- um product—value price. In other words, we pride ourselves on delivering a superior product for the cost of an average alternative. PROJECT PROCESS. BRAINSTORM  Options explored for your idea or application APPROVAL  All technical and commercial aspects are approved INQUIRE  Verbal or written project objectives discussion PROTOTYPE  Samples are submitted for testing and evaluation PROPOSAL  Written quotation detailing technical and commercial considerations PRODUCTION  Full scale production begins and deliveries occur per schedule DESIGN  3D solid modeling, CAD and Finite Element Analysis DELIVER WWW.SENTRANLLC.COM 5