PREMIUM QUALITY. QUALITY MATERIALS Sentran incorporates field-proven subcompo- nents, compounds and metals resulting in high value products that provide worry-free operation and very low maintenance costs. Our transducer elements are constructed of 4340 alloy tool steel, 17-4 ph stainless steel and 2024 aluminum. Elements are heat treated and finished to achieve optimal strength, durability and performance. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP The fit and finish of Sentran products is exception- al. It doesn’t end there. The internal working com- ponents and workmanship are equally impressive. Cleanliness in manufacturing, tightly controlled processes and close inspection procedures ensure standards are complied with. Every Sentran pro- cess is supported by our ISO 9000 Certification. VALUE OF EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY. Numerous elements work in harmony to create an exceptional quality result. At Sentran, it begins with our very first conversation with you. We listen. We question. We offer guidance. We collaborate. Our team’s understanding, creative instincts, talented craftsmanship, manufacturing acumen and service mindset permeates every aspect of our relationship with our customers, and with our vendors and strategic partners. Using these attributes efficiently results in our ability to deliver to you a premium product at an unparalleled value. QUALITY DESIGN We begin with a clear understanding. We then apply ingenuity to capture all the attributes necessary to the design objective. Every step of the manufacturing process and flow is arranged for maximum effect and efficiency, culminating in a thorough performance evaluation and final certification. 6 WWW.SENTRANLLC.COM