About Sentran, LLC

There is no higher calling than to be of service, and at Sentran we embrace that philosophy with a genuine desire to provide the best service possible to our customers. Our company was founded for the express purpose of providing precision measurement transducers according to the charter of “Premium Quality – Value Price”. Coupling the diversity of our standard product offerings with custom-engineered solutions and companion instrumentation allows Sentran to quickly and competitively develop solutions specific to our customer’s needs using our core strain gage technology.  

It all starts with our talented, dedicated employees and strategic suppliers that share our passion for exceeding expectations. Continual training and implementation of the latest technologies keep our employees at the top of their respective fields, while close technical associations with key suppliers ensure an exceptional, reliable and timely supply chain. 

As a progressive, forward-looking enterprise, Sentran, LLC exercises an aggressive business plan to accomplish our goals for product development, operations, research and development, financial strength and managed expansion. In concert with those strategies, additional principal approvals and certifications are being sought globally to enable deeper penetration of our products and services into those markets.