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At Sentran, LLC we understand that an off-the-shelf solution sometimes doesn’t meet the demands of commercial or industrial application challenges. Sentran application engineers are professionals, well-trained to assist customers with their application problems and to work closely with you to develop the best possible solution for your specific need. Problem-solving isn’t just something we do. It is the most important thing we do… and we do it every day. In fact, engineered solutions is our primary business, whether for a single transducer solution or for OEM applications representing thousands of transducers. Sentran, LLC has designed and developed an extraordinary range of custom strain gage-based transducers and systems to meet the demands of critical customer requirements in hundreds of applications. Coupled with our manufacturing expertise, unique production processes, proprietary performance technologies and exceptional facilities, we are able to address virtually any challenge, and achieve results that consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

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Many applications require special capabilities due to the environment, physical limitations, or performance-oriented requirements. Sentran consistently develops solutions designed to meet these needs leveraging unique technical options and attributes such as:

  • Analog or Digital On-Board Signal Conditioning
  • Multi-Axis Sensing
  • High Temperature Operation
  • Subsea/Submergible Sealing
  • Dual Bridge Configurations
  • Customized Geometries
  • Fatigue Rated
  • Compound Measurements
  • Wireless Communications
  • Complimentary Mounting & Loading Hardware
  • OEM/High Volume Production
  • Gaging Services
  • Hazardous Environments
  • Networkable or Stand Alone Companion Instrumentation
  • Very Low to Very High Capacity Ratings
  • Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements
  • Exclusivity Agreements

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