About Our Products

Standard products solve many applications challenges, and we offer only the finest quality standard products to ensure our customers enjoy the results they expect... reliably. SENTRAN uses premium-grade components, materials and processes exclusively in crafting our products. Our transducer elements are constructed of 4340 alloy tool steel, 17-4 ph stainless steel and 2024 aluminum. All materials are specially heat treated to provide strength, durability and performance. Many of these processes are proprietary and unique to SENTRAN. 

Premium Product - Value Price. SENTRAN recognizes that name brand subcomponents and compounds with field proven performance generally yield the best performance. The up-front costs are somewhat higher, but the end result is a high value SENTRAN product that provides worry-free operation and very low maintenance costs. This commitment is consistent with SENTRAN's corporate philosophy, and our market position strategy of "Premium Product - Value Price". Our industry-leading "Product-Focused" manufacturing processes and assembly techniques not only ensure consistent quality, these cost-efficient methods improve throughput, reduce rework and shorten delivery lead times to our customers. 

The quality commitment
we hold ourselves to can be exemplified by our standard transducer-grade cable. Many factors contribute to the optimization of our standard measurements-grade cables. These cables are constructed of "twisted pair" excitation and signal conductors to minimize the effects of temperature and signal-to-noise phenomenon. Few people realize that the single most common failure mode for a load cell is "cable damage". Most of our products are fitted with our MIL Spec. 22 gauge, four-conductor cable with a double Mylar® wrap, a 98%+ coverage tinned-copper, braided shield and a high-resilience, black polyurethane jacket. Why polyurethane instead of the more common PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) jacket material? Because polyurethane is far superior in cut and abrasion resistance, and for moisture protection.

Delivery lead time is an important element in satisfying customer requirements. SENTRAN stocks a large volume of standard products to meet immediate delivery requirements. High volume products and customer-driven designs are delivered per the customer's schedules. We pride ourselves on being extraordinarily responsive to customers needs, and delivery is no exception. Prototype, non-standard and O.E.M. programs are consistently delivered on a "quick turn" basis. Tell us what your unique requirements are, and we will work with you to meet your needs.

Performance certifications provide excellent credentials for defining a products character. We have made a considerable investment in our personnel and manufacturing facilities to incorporate state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to the production of strain gage-based transducers. Many of our products require certification by national and international government regulatory agencies for integration into "legal-for-trade" applications.