Commissioning Assistance and Training

SENTRAN offers the services of our factory-based Field Service Engineering Group for purposes of commissioning assistance, training and close technical support of our products for our customers.

It is our experience that field engineering assistance, particularly during system start up, facilitates a smooth transition of operational parameters to on-site technical support personnel. Not only are potentially costly delays minimized, the field service engineer also has the opportunity to fully acquaint operating personnel with the proper operation and maintenance techniques for installed equipment.

Field Service Rates:

Weekday Daily Rate:

$800/day (1)

Hours Worked In Excess Of Eight Hours:


Recognized Holidays and Weekends:

Time is billed at 2 times the standard daily/hourly rate

Travel and Subsistence Costs:

Invoiced at cost (2)

(1) Please note that partial days are billed at the full day rate.
(2) Costs include transportation, lodging, meals, car rental and other related costs.

Please contact SENTRAN to schedule field service at least two weeks in advance of your field service requirements. In all cases, we will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs and commercial interests.


Prepayment of a minimum of 50% of estimated time, travel and subsistence is required for all field service orders. Terms for the balance due is per SENTRAN's established terms.