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Datasheet on JB (Analog



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  • 2 to 4 Channel Load Cell Summing
  • Interface To PLC/DCS
  • High Deadload/Low Liveload Weighing
  • Integrated Process Control Node
  • Stand-Alone Weighing Systems
  • Level Monitoring and Control
  • Tank Farm Management
  • Intrinsically Safe Applications
  • Cost Effective OEM/VAR


  • Range of Selectable Output Formats for Voltage or Current
  • Input, Output, Excitation and Zero Offset Parameters are Field Configurable
  • Preload Offsets Adjustable up to 100% of Span Range
  • Drives up to 1000 Ohm Loop Resistance
  • Linear Optical Isolation of the Input, Output and Power Supply Eliminates Ground
  • Remote Sensing is Selectable and Maintains Constant Voltage Levels at the Transducer(s)
  • Powers up to (4) 350 Ohm or Greater Transducers
  • AC or DC Power Options