Application Inquiries

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To develop a response as quickly as we can, please include the following information with your request(s). If you have supporting documents, attach those as well.

Request a Quote: Include the model number and quantity, if applicable. For non-standard products, use one of our Application Worksheets. Provide as many details as possible.

Application Inquiries: Include as much information as possible. Is it a single or a multiple application? What’s the maximum load rating? Are there environmental considerations? Is a local display or process signal required? Photos, drawings, and sketches are appreciated.

Sales Inquiries: Provide the PO for order status. For delivery lead time information, please provide the quantity, part number and desired delivery date.

Technical Inquiries: Include the model number and any relevant details with your inquiry. Indicate the nature of the inquiry: (1) troubleshooting assistance; (2) wiring codes; (3)calibration, or related technical questions.

Repairs & Returns: State the part number and details of your inquiry. If available, include the Repair Order number.

Customer Service: Indicate the account number, PO number, model number, and/or any other relevant details that will help us understand how to help you.