Canister Load Cells precisely measure the compressive stresses in precision machined steel and stainless-steel elements. Canister Load Cells are also referred to as Force Transducers, Pancake or Low-Profile Load Cells. These load cells are capable of rendering exceptional accuracy under diverse environmental conditions. Customization possibilities add to their versatility. This optimization possibility contributes to their broad application in industrial weighing and general force measurements. Rated capacities range from 10,000 lbs. (4.5 tonnes) to 500,000 lbs. (227 tonnes).

The Canister Load Cell solution is commonly used in applications such as steel production, aerospace, tank, bin and silo weighing, crane scales, structural test labs, motor vehicle and rail scales, as well as applications in process control.


  • Compression Measurements
  • Washdown/Corrosive Environments
  • Process Control Weighing
  • Vehicle Scales
  • Tank Weighing
  • Reactor, Mixer and Blender Weighing