Applications ▪ ▪ Strain Gage Measurement › › Load Cells › › Force Transducers › › Torque Transducers › › Pressure Transducers ▪ ▪ Single or “Summed” Transducers ▪ ▪ Interface To PLC/DCS ▪ ▪ Process Control ▪ ▪ Weighing Systems ▪ ▪ Level Monitoring and Control ▪ ▪ Intrinsically Safe Applications ▪ ▪ Cost Effective OEM/VAR Solutions LINKS Æ Æ Full Data Sheet Æ Æ Applications by Product Æ Æ Certificates & Approvals SENTRAN The JA Series is a powerful and versatile measurements grade analog transmitter featuring a range of selectable output formats for voltage or current and is compatible with single or multiple “summed” transducers. 1-888-545-8988 Isolated Rangeable Transmitter JASeries Key Features • Range of Selectable Output Formats for Voltage or Current • Input, Output, Excitation and Zero Offset Parameters are Field Configurable • Preload Offsets Adjustable up to 100% of Span Range • Drives up to 1000 Ohm Loop Resistance • Linear Optical Isolation of the Input, Output and Power Supply Eliminates Ground Loop Potential • Remote Sensing is Selectable to Maintain Constant Voltage Levels at the Transducer(s) • Powers up to (4) 350 Ohm and up to (8) 700 Ohm Transducers • AC or DC Power Options Other Features • Common Mode Rejection and Reduced Noise Pickup • DIN Rail or Panel Mount Using Industry Standard Plug-N-Play 11-Pin Socket • No Interaction Between Zero and Span • Designed for Use in “Electrically Noisy” Industrial Environments • Compatible With Single or Multiple “Summed” Transducers • Functional Test/System Calibration Pushbutton • Easy Setup and Calibration • Multiple LED’s Monitor Input and Output Signal Levels • Compact Case Dimensions of Only 2.75” High X 2.38” Wide X 1.75” Deep • Optional Summing Module in a NEMA 4/4X (IP66) Enclosure • High Performance Measurements-Grade Power Supply and Precision Amplifier • NEMA 4/4X (IP66) and Explosion-Proof Housings are Available • One Year Warranty 95