Applications ▪ ▪ Horizontal Tank Weighing ▪ ▪ Tank, Bin and Silo Weighing ▪ ▪ Bulk Material Inventory/Processing ▪ ▪ Level Monitoring and Control ▪ ▪ High Capacity Weighing Features ▪ ▪ 5,000 to 100,000 lbs. Capacities ▪ ▪ Excellent Overall Performance ▪ ▪ Shear Web Load Cell Technology ▪ ▪ 0.1% Accuracy Class ▪ ▪ Plated Steel Load Cell ▪ ▪ Accommodates Excessive Longitudinal Expansion Common To Horizontal Tanks ▪ ▪ IP67 Environmental Sealing ▪ ▪ Two Year Warranty LINKS Æ Æ Full Data Sheet Æ Æ Applications by Product Æ Æ Certificates & Approvals SENTRAN The MK Series is a rugged, high capacity weigh module constructed of steel. The MK Series is designed to accurately measure compression loads ranging from 0-5000 lbs. to 0-100,000 lbs. The MK Series is an extremely rugged, high capacity weigh module constructed of a nickel plated steel load cell and zinc plated mounting hardware. The MK Series weigh modules are designed to accurately measure compression loads in capacities ranging from 0-5,000 lbs. to 0-100,000 lbs. The robust, multi-shear web load cell design is integrated into the robust MK mount, which accommodates thermal expansion and contraction common to large vessels. The load cell tolerates eccentric and side loading, with minimal sensitivity to these anomalies. To facilitate installation, the ball and cup load receiver articulates in any direction to compensate for misalignment with mating support surfaces and sloped flooring. This MK Series is Harsh Environment Sealed (IP67-Limited Immersion) by virtue of proprietary, multi-redundant barriers uniquely integrated to protect all internal components. The integral cable is durable polyurethane jacketed with strain relief and features a braided, tinned-copper shield for mechanical protection andtominimizetheeffectsofRFIandEMI.TheattributesoftheMKSeriesmakeitidealforhorizontal tank weighing and inventory monitoring, bulk material handling, tank and silo weighing, or for any application where a compact and easy-to-install, high capacity weighing solution is needed. 1-888-545-8988 Dimensions in Inches High Capacity Weigh Module MKSeries 71