Applications ▪ ▪ Foundry Weighing ▪ ▪ Material Strength Pull Testing ▪ ▪ In-Process Weighing ▪ ▪ Incoming Raw Materials Weighing ▪ ▪ General Purpose Force Measurement Features ▪ ▪ 1,000 to 5,000 lbs. Capacities ▪ ▪ High Safety Rating ▪ ▪ Hi-Visibility 1.2” Red LED Display ▪ ▪ Battery Operated (Rechargeable) ▪ ▪ Spare Battery/Charger Included ▪ ▪ 1:2000/1:5000 Display Resolution ▪ ▪ Wireless Remote Control Included ▪ ▪ Integral Lifting Eye/Hook Assembly ▪ ▪ Optional Bluetooth® Capability ▪ ▪ IP65 Environmental Sealing ▪ ▪ One Year Warranty LINKS Æ Æ Full Data Sheet Æ Æ Applications by Product Æ Æ Certificates & Approvals SENTRAN The Caston II® is a compact, high performance, low capacity crane scale. The Caston II® is designed to accurately measure loads in capacities ranging from 0 to 1,000 lbs to 0 to 5,000 lbs. 1-888-545-8988 Low Capacity Crane Scale Caston II The Caston II® Series is a compact, high performance, light to medium capacity industrial crane scale housed in a painted, cast enclosure and sealed to IP65 (Multi-redundant; Low Pressure Resistant). The Caston II® Series is designed to accurately measure loads in capacities ranging from 0-1,000 lbs. full scale capacity to 0-5,000 lbs. full scale capacity. The integral loading hook and/or lifting eyes make installation and start-up quick and simple. The wireless remote system gives the operator freedom of movement during operation, and the large 1.2” high red LED display digits make reading weight data easy at a distance. The rechargeable battery is supplemented by a spare battery pack and a charging unit to make certain there is never any scale downtime for lack of power. A Low Battery annunciator is provided. Lightweight, portable, accurate and very robust, the Caston II® Series is an excellent choice for your industrial weighing and force measurement needs. Wireless Remote Control Optional Handheld Indicator: • Light weight, durable & portable • Easy to see - simple to operate • Wireless Connectivity • Increased Functionality • Built-in Rechargeable Battery • Sun Visor 109