Applications ▪ ▪ In Process Weighing ▪ ▪ Gain-In-Weight & Loss-In-Weight ▪ ▪ Food/Beverage/Pharmaceuticals ▪ ▪ Shipping & Receiving ▪ ▪ Warehouse/Inventory Control ▪ ▪ Pallet & Crate Weighing ▪ ▪ General Purpose Weighing Features ▪ ▪ Stainless Steel Construction ▪ ▪ Smooth Type 304 Stainless ▪ ▪ .25” Thick Deck Plate ▪ ▪ Optional USDA/FDA Approved Removable Polyethylene Deck Top ▪ ▪ Available in 2’ X 2’ to 6’ X 10’ Deck Sizes ▪ ▪ 20’ Home Run Cable For Connection To Indicator or Process Weight Controller ▪ ▪ Easy Access Adjustable Leveling Feet ▪ ▪ Environmentally Protected To IP66 Rating ▪ ▪ Tolerates 100% End Loading & 200% Overloading ▪ ▪ NTEP Approved 5,000 Divisions ▪ ▪ Optional Onboard J-box, Ramps, Bumper Guards, Side Rails, Pit Frame And More LINKS Æ Æ Full Data Sheet Æ Æ Applications by Product Æ Æ Certificates & Approvals SENTRAN The HFS-SS Series Scales are constructed of reinforced stainless steel and are available in a variety of configurations. Designed for the most demanding industrial applications, the HFS-SS Series is available in rated capacities ranging from 1,000 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. 1-888-545-8988 Washdown Low Profile Floor Scale HFS Series The HFS-SS Series is a stainless steel, low profile, high performance floor scale. The HFS-SS Series is designed to accurately measure loads in capacities ranging from 0-1,000 lbs to 0-10,000 lbs. Designed to provide years of dependable use in hostile industrial applications where easy cleaning and sanitizing proceduresarerequired,theHFS-SSSeriesisavailablewithoptionalremovablepolyethyleneordiamond deck plate top. The HFS-SS Series platform’s structural integrity insures dependability and accuracy by properly transferring weight to the scale’s stainless steel load cells to provide repeatable, accurate weights. For applications that require maximum accessibility to all scale areas, the HFS PT, a stainless steel reinforced scale frame with a one (1) inch thick USDA/FDA approved removable polyethylene top is also available. Other available options include: Captive ball leveling feet, Hardened steel and stainless steel hermetically sealed load cells, Locator lag down brackets, Easy six (6) degree incline lock in place ramps - designed to fit all four sides of any HFS-SS floor scale and Poly top lift off ramps which allow for maximum access for thorough cleaning. In addition, the HFS-SS features an easy install stainless steel pit frame, bumper guards, fork lift skid package, running gear, side/top access to onboard j-box, indicator/printer stands, FM approved load cells/jbox, custom sizes and capacities and quick disconnect cables. The HFS-SS Series has the capabilities to handle your most demanding weighing applications. 117