JB Series Specifications OPERATOR INTERFACE Status Annunciators: 2; Red LED for output; Green LED for input; Variable intensity. Functional Test Push button: Adjustable to 0-100% of calibrated range using integral potentiometer; Imposes preadjusted signal on the output, independent of any input signal. Calibration Method: Range selection; Known signal input; Fine tuning potentiometer; Non-interactive zero and span signals eliminate “crosstalk” influences. Adjustments: Integral potentiometers & switches; Zero offset (deadload); Transducer input ranging; Transmitter output ranging; Excitation voltage. Summing Board Adjustments: INT/EXT (SW2); Slide switch; “Internal” when used with JA module; “External” when used as a simple summing board (No JA module). Transducer Enable (SW1-1/4); Slide switch; “ON” enables transducer measuring; “OFF” disables transducer mea suring. Signal Adjustment Potentiometers; 25 turn; Attenuates measurement signal; One per transducer channel. Excitation Adjustment Potentiometers; 25 turn; Attenuates excitation voltage; One per transducer channel. FUNCTIONAL PARAMETERS Linearity: Better Than Or Equal To 0.1% Full Scale (FS) Measurement Response Rate: 70ms typical; 10ms available (Optional) Span Range @ Full Scale: Field selectable; 0 To 5 mV (minimum); 0 To 400 mV (maximum) Zero Offset: Field selectable; 0-100%; 15% increments Bridge Excitation Voltage: Field selectable; 1-10 VDC; 1 volt increments; Fine adjustment of ±5% Excitation Current Rating: 120 mADC @ 10VDC; Up To 4 (8) Summed 350 Ω (700 Ω) Bridges Excitation Stability: .005%/°F (.01%/°C) Common Mode Rejection: 100dB (minimum) Input Impedance: 200K (typical) Isolation: 2000V RMS (minimum) Remote Sense Lead Compensation: Better Than 0.01%/1 Ω Change in Lead Resistance Power: 115 VAC ±10% @ 50/60Hz; 3.5W (maximum) 230 VAC ±10% @ 50/60Hz; 2.5W (maximum); Optional 9-30 VDC @ 3W with four 350 Ω bridges; Optional ENVIRONMENTAL Operating Temperature Range: -10° To +60 °C / 14° F To 140°F Storage Temperature Range: -20° To +70° C / -4° F To 158° F Temperature Stability: Better Than 0.02% of Span/°C Humidity Range: 0 To 95% RH; Non-condensing Board Dimensions: 8.75” high X 6.85” wide X 1.0” deep (3.75” deep w/ JA module) Optional Enclosure Construction: NEMA 4/4X steel or stainless steel Enclosure Dimensions: 10” high X 8” wide X 4” deep (nominal) Weight: > 11 lbs. (5 kg) Warranty: One year; Limited OUTPUT Output Ranges: Optically isolated; Field selectable; Drives up to 1000 ohm load resistance Output Capability: Voltage: 0-1 VDC (minimum); ±10 VDC (maximum) Current: 0-2 mA (minimum); 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA (maximum) Voltage: ± 10VDC @ ± 10 mA Current: 20 mADC; 20 V compliance OPTIONS Relay Modules: Setpoint adjustment 0 to 100% of Span; Deadband adjustment 1 to 100% of Span; Single or double relay modules; 7A contacts @ 240 VAC (resistive load); 3.5 A contacts @ 240 VAC (inductive load). Fast Response: 10ms response time Other Options: 11-pin sockets, DIN or surface mount; Aluminum DIN rail; NEMA 4/4X enclosures; Explosion-proof enclosures; DC power. 98