Instant Answers At Sentran, that means immediate access to applications experts. It’s a fast-paced world. With multiple responsibilities and innumerable tasks to complete, you need solid answers… and you need them quickly. At times, it comes down to having an experiential understanding of an application questionoratechnicalchallenge,thenprovidingthoughtfulcommunication to determine the best solution. That’s what our team of technical sales experts, applications engineers and designers bring to the table. They will use every tool available to deliver exactly what you need. Instant Answers isn’t just a tagline at Sentran. It’s a passionate commitment. Smart Solutions We have an unwavering commitment to help people access, understand and benefit from the solutions we recommend for the electrical measurement of mechanical quantities. We invite you to experience our vision of responsiveness, knowledge, and capabilities. Each of these elements enhances our ability to offer a broader range of relevant, real- world solutions that help make the world a better place for all. This is an important part of why Sentran was created – to make certain we can empower ourselves and empower others by offering truly premium measurement solutions at honest, competitive prices. Premium Quality Quality product begins with quaity design, which requires a clear understanding of all design objectives and restrictions. Every step of the manufacturing process and flow is arranged for maximum effect and efficiency, culminating in a thorough performance evaluation and final certification. Sentran incorporates field-proven subcomponents, compounds, metals, and other quality materials, resulting in high value products that provide worry-free operation and very low maintenance costs. The fit and finish of Sentran products is exceptional. It doesn’t end there. The internal working components and workmanship are equally impressive. It begins with our first conversation... We listen. We question. We offer guidance. We collaborate. Our team’s understanding, creative instincts, talented craftsmanship, manufacturing acumen, and service mindset permeates every aspect of our relationship with our customers, and with our vendors and strategic partners. Using these attributes efficiently results in our ability to deliver to you a premium product at an unparalleled value. We speak your language with Instant Answers, Smart Solutions and Premium Quality.