Applications ■ ■Compression Measurements ■ ■Harsh Environments ■ ■Clean-In-Place/Washdown ■ ■Tank, Bin and Hopper Weighing ■ ■Reactor, Mixer and Blender Weighing ■ ■OEM and VAR Solutions Features ■ ■1,000 to 20,000 lbs. Capacities ■ ■0.02% Accuracy Class - NTEP Grade ■ ■Stainless Steel Construction ■ ■IP66/68 Environmental Sealing ■ ■Output Matched for Multiple Load Cell Applications ■ ■Load Introduction Hardware ■ ■Companion Weigh Modules ■ ■Two Year Warranty LINKS Æ Æ Full Data Sheet Æ Æ Applications by Product Æ Æ Certificates & Approvals SENTRAN The XA4 is a high performance strain gage load cell constructed of hermetically sealed stainless steel. The XA4 withstands harsh environmental conditions, accurately measuring compression loads in capacities ranging from 0-1,000 lbs. to 0-20,000 lbs. The XA4 is a robust bonded foil strain gage load cell constructed of stainless steel. The load cell is designed to accurately measure compression loads in capacities ranging from 0-1,000 to 0-20,000 lbs. The shear beam design readily tolerates eccentric and side loading effects, with minimal sensitivity to these anomalies. This load cell is Hostile Environment Sealed (IP66-High Pressure Jets) and Hermetically Sealed (IP68-Continuous Immersion) by virtue of proprietary, multi-redundant barriers uniquely integrated to protect all internal components. The integral premium, instrumentation grade cable features a durable polyurethane-jacket over a tinned- copperbraidedshieldforsuperiormechanicalprotectionandtominimizetheunwantedelectrical effects of RFI and EMI. The load cell output signals are calibrated to a close tolerance to facilitate in situ interchangeability and multiple load cell summing applications. Versatile, stainless steel companionweighmodules,theMBSeriesandtheMFSeries,areavailableforconvenientweighing of tanks, bins, hoppers and similar vessels. The XA4 is an ideal choice for measurement in C-I-P process, heavy washdown and corrosive applications, reactor, mixer and blender weighing and OEM weighing situations where a well sealed, high performance load cell solution is needed. 1-888-545-8988 Dimensions in Inches Hermetically Sealed Shear Beam Load Cell XA4Series 21